Lavender {Essential Oils}

Lavender is one of the 10 Everyday Oils that you receive in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. In our home, we have more bottles of Lavender than any other essential oil. As I type this, I literally have 6 bottles, all at different levels of fullness. We have one in the kitchen, in our oil drawer for general use. We’ve used it on burns from cooking, bug bites and my favorite lately, a swipe inside my cheeks and nose to stop my allergies. One bottle in Maya’s room to help heal any scratches and for calm and relaxation before nap/bedtime. One bottle for Alain for healthy skin. One in my bathroom. Alain and I both put a couple of drop on our face every day.  We use it so often. On nights that we are not fighting a cold or any other aliment, it is my go-to oil to diffuser for Maya to relax and calm. When Chris or I are restless, just can’t seem to get our minds to shut off and go to sleep, we rub a couple of drops on the bottoms of our feet.

For allergies: Diffuse several drops (I usually combine with Lemon and Peppermint) To stop my sneezing almost immediately, I put one drop in the palm of my hand, then dip my finger in the Lavender and swipe some oil on the inside of my cheeks and inside my nostrils. It doesn’t taste great, but the taste doesn’t stay too long and it has worked every time for me.
For cuts/scrapes/bug bites: Apply directly to area. You can dilute it with a carrier oil. I also have a bottle of Lavender with a roller ball top for easy application.
Facial care: I put one drop in my palm and then apply it all over my face before bed. Alain does this also. We have seen an improvement in skin health.
For sleep: I often diffuse Lavender in Maya’s room at night. We have this diffuser for Maya’s room (Aroma Ready Oil Humidifying and Ultrasonic Diffuser). I love it because it doesn’t have a light and it has to option to run constantly or in 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off intervals. When filled, it will run in her room all night. We also apply it to our feet (Usually big toe) to help those nights that we just can’t get to sleep.
To dilute for Maya, I put a small amount of coconut oil in my palm and then drop one or two drops on top of the coconut oil. Rub palm on her chest and back. I don’t usually dilute Lavender for her (or any of us), but when you are first starting, it is good to dilute to learn how your body will respond.

For more information on how to get started with Essentials Oils, CLICK HERE.


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Get oily with me. {Essential Oils}

Have you all heard about Essential oils?! I am seriously obsessed. OBSESSED. For a girl that used to have a candle burning at all times, having something that smells amazing while making my family healthier is like magic. Chris calls me our family medicine doctor and I am happy to have the title. I’m telling you these little bottles of oily goodness work! We were introduced to Essential Oils by my amazing friend Tara, founder of No 41. She had recently started using Young Living oils and shared some with me while Maya and I while we were visiting her. Before I even came home, I bought a Starter Kit of Young Living essential oils. I was so excited to get my kit and have LOVED learning more and using these oils on our little family.
We have been using essential oils in our family since February. When I first started using essential oils, I was a bit skeptical and there has been a bit of a learning curve, but now they have become a part of our every day routine. Maya loves them. She even has an empty bottle in her doctor kit to oil up her baby dolls. Alain is my very best “patient.” He is willing to try anything. He was the first one of us to try the hot tea/oil mixture for a sore throat. For the past several months, we’ve been experimenting and learning what works for each one of us. The great thing about the oils is that they are versatile. Each oil has several different uses and you can use several different oils for the same thing.  As the winter months (AKA cold and flu season) will be quickly upon us, I plan on using our oils to keep our family healthy. Is it weird that I’m a bit excited when I hear a sneeze, so I can try out my oils? I am beginning to feel like I am understanding which oils work for what and I am excited to write about how we are using them in our home. I plan on posting a little bit more about specific essential oils every week. Stay tuned!! I’ve also added some more information in the menu above under the “Essential Oils” section.


If you are interested to get started with essential oils, I highly recommend the Premium Starter kit. Here is what you will get: Everyday Oils collection (10 of the most loved essential oils), Home Diffuser, Stress Away oil, samples of some of the most popular oils to share with friends. The kit is $150 and is without a doubt the best deal (The Everyday Oils collection alone is $124 and the diffuser is $100.) It is a great way to get started because you have enough oils to choose from and play with, but not too many to be overwhelmed. For information on how to order your starter kit, CLICK HERE. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Bubbles and Blessings.

This girl, ya’ll. All of the sudden it seems, she has turned into a child. She is no longer a baby. While that makes me sad for how fast time is speeding away, this age is just too much fun to linger in the melancholy. Maya is the perfect mix of sass and sweetness. Spontaneously, she will hug your neck and say, “I love you.” Her pretend play has gotten more creative. She is a snuggler, a dancer, a jumper and a helper. Sensitive and strong. We are so in love with our little girl. I feel like I say this in every single post, but I am BUH-LESSED , blessed, blessed, blessed to be her Mom. She will never doubt that she is adored. As she grows and changes so very quickly, I try to pull at my camera at every opportunity. Here she is testing out the bubbles for our upcoming Block Party.



Itsy Bitsy Spider from Jennifer Verme on Vimeo.

The Best Birthday Book.

I’d love to be that super Pinterest mom who can make a book/craft/diy something or other for every occasion, but I’m not. Traditional baby books don’t work well with adoption, but I still wanted a book to write down memories and remember Maya as she is growing up. I found Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal  and it is just what I was looking for. Detailed enough to be fun and a great way to document Maya’s life, but not overwhelmingly time-consuming. There are a couple of cute pages for each birthday, places to add photos and a several pockets to add keepsakes, such as party invites and special items. I filled in the info for her first two years in less than thirty minutes. As she gets older, the questions change and there are interviews to do with your child at each birthday. It is going to be so fun to see how her answers change from year to year. I think I have decided this will be my go-to gift for 1st birthdays from now on. I thought it was too cute not to share with you :)


bea - Love this. AND I love that you are back to posting!!!

Hair time with Bunny.

Last night right before bed, Maya pulled her baby doll chair over to the couch to “fix your hair, Bunny?” Bunny is her lovey that we have had since our embassy trip to Ethiopia. She is becoming a master at postponing her bedtime, but I just could not resist this cuteness. She had the spray bottle, rubber bands and comb. With such an active toddler, we have hair time often . I’ve been putting in protective styles that will last a few days to get us through those early morning school days. I love that she wanted to mimic this time in her play. Yay for hair time!!


She “cheeses” on command now. Love this cheesy grin!

Shewit - That is so cute, and she is getting so big from the last time you’ve posted!

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