Get oily with me! {Young Living Oils}

Back in February, I went on a little trip to to Nashville to visit my amazing friend Tara, founder of No 41. She had recently started using Essential Oils and shared some with me while Maya and I were staying with her. Before I even came home, I bought a Starter Kit of Young Living essential oils. I was so excited to get my kit and have LOVED learning more and using these oils on our little family. If you want to get started with essential oils, I highly recommend the Premium kit. Here is what you will get: Everyday Oils collection (10 of the most loved essential oils), Home Diffuser, Stress Away oil, samples of some of the most popular oils to share with friends. The kit is $150 and is without a doubt the best deal (The Everyday Oils collection alone is $124 and the diffuser is $100.) It is a great way to get started because you have enough oils to choose from and play with, but not too many to be overwhelmed.


This is what the Everyday oils collection looks like. I actually just ordered another Everyday Oils kit because I loved it so much.


Let me tell you a little bit about what we have used these oils for.

Lavender: I literally have 4 bottles of this in my house and another one on the way. We have one in the kitchen, in our oil drawer for general use. We’ve used it on burns from cooking, bug bites and my favorite lately, a swipe inside my cheeks and nose to stop my allergies. One bottle in Maya’s room to help heal any scratches and for calm and relaxation before nap/bedtime. One bottle for Alain for healthy skin and one in my bathroom. I use it so often. It is my go-to oil to diffuser at night for Maya to relax and calm.
Thieves: I pull this out every morning that Maya goes to Mother’s Day Out. It is great for an immune boost. Just a couple of days ago, she started to cough. It sounded bad. I diffused Thieves overnight and she woke up better. A couple more applications and the cough is gone.
Peace and Calming: Maya calls it “My green oil.” We put this on her feet almost every night before bed and her bunny lovey gets swipe of it too! She loves the smell and I do too. I need to get another bottle so I can have some for myself :)
Lemon: I put a drop or two in my water when I actually drink water. It tastes great. I’m hoping to do this more and more to encourage myself to drink water. I also diffuse Lemon with Peppermint and Lavender for allergies.
Peppermint: LOVE! We use Peppermint for headaches. Apply to temples, neck (careful not to get to close to our eyes). It feels a bit like Icy Hot. I also dilute it with coconut oil and apply to to Maya’s chest for congestion.
PanAway: I think this was one of the first oils that we ran out of and it is one of the reasons that I bought another kit. It is great for muscle aches and pains. I dilute it in coconut oil and massage it directly to the sore area.
Joy: My favorite oil to diffuse. The scent is happy and JOYful. It is great to lift your mood. I can’t say that I’ve found a miracle mood lifting oil, but anything to help keep my up on a stressful day even a bit is worth it for me.
Purification: At first, I used this mainly to purify the air by diffusing. It smells sweet and citrusy. Recently I used it on my ear for an ear ache and it worked so well. I could almost feel the fluid in my ear draining. Sorry if that is TMI :) One reason I am enjoying oils so much is that they are so versatile. You can use one oil for many issues and many different oils for the same issue.
Valor: This is another that we used quickly, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet. I know lots of people love it for back pain (and we’ve got plenty of back pain to go around in this house!). I’m excited to get this again when our kit arrive and try it.
Frankincense: This is another reason for ordering the kit. Frankincense has so many uses, but is pretty pricey. Getting in the kit is a good deal. I used it for immune boost when Maya was sick and gave it to my mother-in-law to help with vertigo.
Stress Away: This oil comes with a roller ball for easy application. I use it every day. I am still working out which oils will help best for anxiety, but I do believe that this is helping to calm and refocus me.


To order your kit, CLICK HERE.

In the blank for sponsor ID and Enroller ID, you put my number 1670513, but it should already be filled in for you.

You fill out your information, set up a username and password.

Next, you choose your starter kit. The one I have been talking about is called the Premium starter kit.

The next section is for setting up with Essential Rewards, which you may want to do in the future if you really start using the oils a lot, but for now, just select the No, thank you and move on

The last section is for payment and then you are all set up. Hooray!!

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