Maya is home!

Ahhhh!!!! So here is the post that we have been building up to for over two years. Maya’s welcome home day. I’m not gonna lie, that 17 hour flight from the other side of the world is torturous. I have never been so exhausted in my life. The flight is the labor of international adoption. On our last leg home, I had to sit on the floor in front of my seat just to stay awake. I was holding Maya and nodding off. Maya did really well on the flights…ate, slept, played, but a international flight is just not made for babies.
We decided to have a airport “party” with our friends and family to give everyone a chance to see us before we went into our cocooning hiding. Everyone was told to stay quiet and calm, to only approach Maya one at a time. I am happy that we did it and love having these photos to show her in the future. It was something to look forward to through the absolute craziness that is flying across the world with a baby..
The first week or so was exhausting insanity. I am still working with Alain through every word of his school books to make sure that he is learning everything that he can. Teaching with a 9 month old on your hip can be a bit challenging. Every day we are learning new tricks, getting a better schedule and slowly sanity is restoring. Maya sleeps all the way through most nights. She is such a happy baby, with big personality. We are so deeply in love with her. She is my dream with skin on. Now that we have settled in a bit more, I find myself with big happy tears slowly crawling down my face at least once a day. She is perfectly ours in every way. Here are the photos from our first day HOME!!
Photos thanks to my AMAZING best friend and business partner Kaylinn!! She is the best bestie a girl could ask for :)

Waiting in Washington DC for our next flight.

Reuniting with Alain!!! We met him first and then our family of four went down to meet everyone else.
Our family of four on USA soil!!
Us and the random guy who decided to come along with us :)
My Momma and my baby girl :)
Meeting her cousin Colby.
Maliah was obsessed with touching Maya’s hand. It was too sweet.
Meeting her Aunt Rachel, while Papa and Grandma Rose admire their new baby granddaughter.
Uncle Travis!!
Me and my babies!!
The whole crew.
The Family :)
At home, in her crib. At last.

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Felicea Garcia - Hi my name is Felicea Garcia and I so happen to come across your website page as I was searching for the words break my heart for what breaks your. I was talking to the Lord in prayer one morning and I heart break my heart for what breaks yours. So I wanted to get and understanding of what those words meant. anyways that is how I stumble across your website. You see my family is bi-racial. I am an African American woman and my husband is Mexican American. We have been married going on 15 years this November 2013. we have four kids between the two of us all ranging from the ages of 14-19. None are adopted, but we are a blended family. I just wanted to tell you Thanks for having such big hearts. Love comes in all colors. And I thank God that you allowed Him to use you as vessels on this earth and showing the love of Christs to your children. Thanks so much and please let other adopted families know that they are such a blessing. Sincerely a sister in Christ.

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Ceres - I’m so in love with your family!
God bless you all!
You are so inspiring!
Love from Portugal!

Kara - What gorgeous pictures! Your site gives me hope and encouragemnet as my husband and I embark on our Ethiopian adoption journey. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t stop crying as I see these happy pictures:) I love her face when she meets the dog — too funny! All the best to you and your lovely family!

Brandy Wade - I love it!! I love the pictures of her in her crib!! We’ve been seeing that room for so long (your nursery was finished before we even thought about starting) and to finally see her in her bed… amazing!! : ) I love the last picture most of all. That one just captures the feel of a first night home. : )

Kim-Our Love Grows - Hi! I came across your blog recently, and I just love your story! You remind me of myself and my husband as we have also been married for over three years! I think it is so awesome that you are hosting a student from Rwanda and that you have adopted!!! Your family of four is so beautiful! When I saw the picture of Maya in her crib, I thought that she looks just like her little doll! She is so pretty! I look forward to keeping up with you guys! I am so happy for you! -Kim

Los Johnsons - My favorite picture is seeing her in the crib. We have all been dreaming and praying for that moment!

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