The Benefits of a Hot Stone Back Massage

A hot stone back massage is a well-known complementary therapy for various health issues. With the help of this massage therapy, your tense muscles as well as the damaged tissues through your entire body are relaxed and eased. Smooth, flat, and heated stoned are placed on certain parts of your body during a hot stone massage. Typically, the stones are made of heat-retaining volcanic rock known as basalt.
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The stones may be placed on your face, chest, stomach, palms, feet and toes, and along your spine. Swedish massage techniques such as kneading, vibration, tapping, long strokes, and circular movements may be used by massage therapists as they hold heated stones. There are instances where a hot stone massage also involves the use of cold stones. Cold stones can soothe the skin and calm any engorged blood vessels. You may get a Hub Malta full body massage along with their hot stone massage for a reinvigorating experience.

The following are some of the benefits of a hot stone massage:

  1. Relieves you from muscle tension and pain

Heat has already been used to provide relief from muscle tension and pain since then, as it helps improve the blood flow to a particular body part. It also helps increase flexibility and reduces muscle spasms. Alternating hot and cold stones during the massage can be beneficial, but it mostly depends on your symptoms.

  1. Help you get sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, then you probably should really get this a hot stone back massage. This massage therapy has been found to be a possible alternative to sleeping pills. Studies show that a back massage generally helps promote sleep. A study conducted in 2001 shows that infants who had trouble sleeping were able to sleep faster when their parents gave them a 15-minute massage. It was also found that these infants were more active and alert upon waking up.

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress

The claim that massage therapy has a positive effect on stress relief is supported by a number of studies. For instance, a 2001 study has found that a 10-minute massage caused cardiovascular responses such as stroke volume to improve. Additionally, a 2015 study has reported that patients who have undergone abdominal colorectal surgery experienced less anxiety, tension, and pain after they received a post-operative massage.

  1. May help boost immunity

Getting a massage can improve your resistance and give your immune system a boost. A study conducted in 2010 has found that even just a single session of Swedish massage already had a positive effect on immunity. Blood samples were taken before and after the massage, and they have shown that there was a decrease in the levels of arginine-vasopression, which is a hormone that helps regulate water retention and blood pressure.

  1. May help alleviate the symptoms of autoimmune diseases

One of the diseases that a hot stone massage may provide relief from is fibromyalgia. This is a disease that causes chronic, widespread pain. A study that was done in 2002 had revealed that fibromyalgia patients who got a 30-minute massage were able to sleep longer, had decreased level of substance P, and had few trigger points. Furthermore, a 2013 study has shown that moderate-pressure massage, such as a hot stone massage, may be beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Those who participated in the study experienced more grip strength, greater range of motion, and reduced pain within a month of massage therapy.

  1. May ease symptoms of cancer

In one study, 1,290 people with cancer were observed in order to determine the effect of massage on pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression. The study has found that massage, particularly Swedish massage, provided relief from cancer symptoms.